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About Us and FAQs

Who are we?

Pooneil Corners is the trading name of Adrian Brown, a Derbyshire-based designer, photographer, historian and walking tour guide. Adrian is based in the small town of Belper, a historic former mill town in the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site, located a few miles outside the beautiful Peak District National Park.

Pooneil Corners? That's a strange name, where is it from?

The Pooneil Corners name comes from the music of one of Adrian's favourite bands, Jefferson Airplane. Formed in San Francisco in 1965, they were one of the pioneers of the psychadelic music scene with hit songs like 'White Rabbit' and 'Somebody To Love'. Among their other less well known songs are 'The Ballard Of You And Me And Pooneil' and 'The House At Pooneil Corners'. In the 1970s, Jefferson Airplane morphed into Jefferson Starship, who are still flying high today, and who Adrian has gotten to know well via their various UK shows and tours since 1995. In addition to attending and photographing all but a handful of their UK shows, Adrian has on occasion found himself invited up onto the stage to join the band for the last song of the night. So, when looking for a name for his new project, a name borrowed from the music of one of his favourite bands seemed a good fit.

So what are your ethical and environmental policies?

As we care very much about the environment, we try to be as green an operation as possible. To that end, all of our designs are printed using non-toxic water-based inks that are vegan-friendly, 100% organic and 100% biodegradable, so there are no nasty solvents or animal products involved. To cut down on product-mileage, all shirts and other items are printed to order by our preferred production partner, who then dispatches your order direct to you. This eliminates the unnecessary extra mileage (and fuel) involved in shipping it to us, and then us shipping it on to you. We also try to be as paperless an organisation as possible, sending all documentation such as invoices and reciepts via e-mail. Where possible, all packaging materials are recycleable, and any other waste we generate is, where possible, either re-purposed or recycled. Where that is not possible, it is disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Our preferred production partner is also a carbon-neutral organisation, who places great emphasis on recycling and reusing as much as possible.

As for our ethical policies, we believe in the principle of the Living Wage, and our preferred production partner is also an accredited Living Wage Employer who pays in excess of the Living Wage. We also believe strongly in equal rights and fair trade.

What are the actual sizes of your garments?

All of our adult garments are available in the following sizes:

Unisex T-Shirt
(chest in inches)
34/36 38/40 42/44 46/48 50/52 54/56
Ladies Fitted T-Shirt
(chest in inches / (UK size))
32/34 (8/10) 34/36 (12) 36/38 (14) 38/40 (16) -- --
Ladies Racer Top
(chest in inches / (UK size))
32/34 (8/10) 34/36 (12) 36/38 (14) 38/40 (16) -- --
Ladies Spaghetti Top
(chest in inches / (UK size))
32 (10) 34 (12) 36 (14) 38 (16) -- --

While the Unisex T-Shirt comes in a looser fit, the Ladies Fitted T-Shirts, Racer Tops and Spaghetti Tops are much closer fits.

The Shoulder Tote Bag has a 10-litre capacity and 67cm-long straps.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to process your order within 24 to 48 hours of receipt, and will send you an e-mail letting you know the estimated dispatch date from our preferred production partner. If we are able to process your order the same day as you make it, then you may get your item(s) as quickly as the following day. However, it is more usual for them to dispatch the following day (or the following Monday if you order on a Friday). Once your order has been dispatched by our production partner, how long it takes to reach you is very much in the hands of the Royal Mail, but will typically take a couple of days.

I really like your designs, can I simply copy them?

No, absolutely not! It takes a lot of time and effort to create our designs, and we take the protection of our copyright very seriously. By copying our designs without permission, you are taking money out of our pockets and food off our tables. So we will ALWAYS act if we see our designs being used without permission or in a way that we feel harms the Pooneil Corners brand.

If you would like to license any of our designs, we are always willing to talk, so feel free to contact us for a chat.

Unless stated otherwise, all designs are © Adrian Brown.

What about using them in my event or production?

Again, we take the protection of our brand and brand image very seriously, and do not want our designs using in any way that we feel may misrepresent or otherwise harm the Pooneil Corners brand or image. This includes their use in political events, demonstrations, media productions, publications (both printed and online), etc. If you would like to use any of our designs in your event, production or publication, please contact us prior to use.

If your event, publication or publication is something we feel passionately about ourselves, or would be beneficial for the brand, we may well grant you free use of the designs for specified purposes and durations. Alternatively, we could grant a specific license for their use, which would again apply to specified uses and durations. However, if you do decide to chance it and use our designs without first obtaining prior permission, we WILL take legal action to protect our brand and image. This especially applies to use for political purposes which do not represent our own political views. Yes, we are proud to be British, but at the same time we do not endorse the nationalistic sentiments that seem so prevalent today and have led the country into the greatest mistake in over a century. So please do not misinterpret the sentiment behind some of our designs and think that you can use them for nationalistic purposes, because you will be hearing from us if you do...

This website is © Pooneil Corners, 2019.

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